Sunday, June 8, 2008

The kids both had a birthday while we had no computer. This is our happy little Carson. Isn't he darling? He is such a good little boy.

6 things we love about this kid:

1. His smile

2. His stories "um uh mom and guess what" is how they always start...and they don't really have an end.

3. His Star Wars moves

4. The way he still loves his blanket and feels he will betray it if he uses his new one too much.

5. His notes and signs that he leaves around the house. One read "for poor peepol" and he left his jar of change next to it.

6. His desire to always do the right thing

His favorite 6 things this year:

1. Everything Star Wars (transformers now threatning the position)

2. Quaid Baird

3. Recess and P.E.

4. Steak

5. Playstation

6. The Magical Trampoline

Carson has been a ray of sunshine in our lives and everything else cheesy one can think up. But truly, he is so great and we are so blessed to have him! (speaking of the exclamation point, Carson has just learned the power of it and let me tell you reading time has just reached new fun and exciting heights!! Good times.)


TheHottonSix said...

What a cutie patootie. (Braxton just said that he's not a cutie patootie because he's a boooooy!) Anyway, your kids are just adorable.

kendall said...

wow Candass, your little boy is SIX? The last time I saw you ...(helping you teach, you probably couldn't handle that class when I disappeared)... Carson was just a couple months old!!!

I'm in the wonderful city of Salt. I heard it's a good place to raise the kids!
It's fun to read your blog! I bet you're a crack-up of a mom.

The Rudy Family said...

So cute we love the little Mayletts too. Glad you are back on the blogging wagon!!

Jane said...

I love that he is thinking of the poor peepol. I am sure that his black friend comes in close for #7 on his list of favorites =) We love that boy of yours!

Brooke said...

Hi Candace...would you mind e-mailing me your e-mail address?

thanks mucho!

Jodie F. said...

Happy birthday to him!! Yes...and to your sweetie girl and YOU! Yes..I am way late. But I did think of you on your birthday! It hope you had a great day! Let us play some time!

TheHottonSix said...

We'll just have to figure out a time. I know at least the next week and a half or so I am supposed to be doing family stuff cause Cameron is coming into town. After that it's all open.

Katie said...

Carson's Best Discovery of 2008:

James is white.