Sunday, June 29, 2008

Brett's Facial

- A heart-warming story about a contemporary man and his small pores

So rather than be embarrassed about it... I might as well post it for the world to see, exposing a new, delicate, yet oh-so-masculine side of me and just own it. Yes, it is true... Mr. Maylett got a facial treatment in June. It's not like I paid for it though!

For a work related event I had to go to Los Carneros Resort Spa in Napa Valley, California (poor me) for three days. The company that hosted the event set us up with several activities including golf, mountain biking, swimming, massage etc. However, one day they gave us the choice of either going on a wine-tasting tour or getting a facial treatment. Most of the people there were really excited about the wine-tasting, so they went a wine bibbin'. Being the sober Mormon that I am, I hesitantly opted for the facial.

So I showed up at the spa 15 minutes early as instructed, and the lady at the desk told me go into the locker room, shower, sit in the steam room for 15 minutes, get a bath robe on and meet the facial therapist (is that what they are called?) in the lobby. My question to the receptionist is... "Why does one need to be in the buff for a facial?" The whole thing sounded kind of fishy to me, but I did it anyway after she assured me that I would be covered with blankets.

So after I sat in the lobby in my robe for about five minutes with all of the other ladies (they only had Cosmo and Self magazines) the face lady came in and took me back to the face room where I listened to some New Age Peruvian music and got into the massage bed thingie until she came in. First she steamed my face and picked all of my zits, which is always a treat. Then she rubbed some stuff that felt like sandpaper and smelled like lemons into my face. Then she began massaging my face in a manner most pleasant while we talked about everything from Oprah to natural gas. I kind of tuned out the face lady after she started saying something about free radicals in my skin and how some miraculous new lotion had beads filled with Vitamin C in it. She complimented my skin (I think that telling someone that they have fine, small pores is a compliment, right?) and my skin thanked her. She also told me to make sure that I always put sunscreen on my temples and the top of my head, which I took as "You are going bald". Then I got the hair yanked off of my back (that helped explain the previously mentioned excessive exposure) with some sticky crap and some fly paper. It took everything that I had not to spew out a stream of obscenities at the face lady. The whole thing took about an hour and a half.

Of course, I would never pay for a facial, but overall, it was a gratifying experience. I didn't have any wrinkles in my face for about three days and the best part was when I went back into the locker room and a man said "Oh my gosh look at you! Your face is like... GLOWING!" I waited until he left the locker room to change back into my clothes. I felt creepy doing it with that dude around .

The Napa Valley trip was actually very relaxing. Along with the facial, I got in a little golf, some swimming and some mountain biking. I also now know more about wine than most people that I know even though I couldn't really tell you what it tastes like.

Next month I may watch Divine Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants so stay tuned for that!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The kids both had a birthday while we had no computer. This is our happy little Carson. Isn't he darling? He is such a good little boy.

6 things we love about this kid:

1. His smile

2. His stories "um uh mom and guess what" is how they always start...and they don't really have an end.

3. His Star Wars moves

4. The way he still loves his blanket and feels he will betray it if he uses his new one too much.

5. His notes and signs that he leaves around the house. One read "for poor peepol" and he left his jar of change next to it.

6. His desire to always do the right thing

His favorite 6 things this year:

1. Everything Star Wars (transformers now threatning the position)

2. Quaid Baird

3. Recess and P.E.

4. Steak

5. Playstation

6. The Magical Trampoline

Carson has been a ray of sunshine in our lives and everything else cheesy one can think up. But truly, he is so great and we are so blessed to have him! (speaking of the exclamation point, Carson has just learned the power of it and let me tell you reading time has just reached new fun and exciting heights!! Good times.)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

London at Joe's Crab Shack(her birthday dinner choice)4/22/08

London turned 4 a few weeks ago and I just wanted to give her a little shout out from mom. She is such a cute little girl. She will definitely be our jokester. She is always making us laugh.
She has a cold and the other night she said out of the dinner...gosh I blew my nose so hard that a monkey fell out. That's pretty funny to a 4 year old. London couldn't stop laughing...and it made us laugh too.

My four favorite things about London:

1. She always holds my hand.

2. She looks in the mirror to make sure I did her hair.

3. She will tell me that she doesn't like what I made for dinner and then says but I love you though.

4 She gets crushes on older boys, ...she blushes, gets nervous, laughs at everything they's so cute..for now. (keep your distance Harrison and James...j/k)

And four of her favorite things:

1. Playing with friends: dress up, tea party, barbie, babies, house, and doctor.

2. Reading together

3. Family Home Evening. She oftens "feels the spirit"

4. Jonah

We Love You Littles!