Friday, May 1, 2009

London wanted a picture of her new Jeep up. There are a couple of funny stories about the jeep:

1. The day after her birthday Brett asked me "So, then what did we get for London?" I told him the Jeep. He said "oh, London told me that Allie gave her that" I said oh no she's being silly. So I asked London, "who gave you that cute jeep?" She answered "Allie" Awesome!!
Allie is such a generous friend!!

2. We hid this jeep behind The Basinger's fence as a big surprise for the end of her party. Julia saw it and when Jane said "that's a surprise for London..." Julia said "but mom, I thought we were giving London Snow White and those dorks" I love this quote for so many reasons. Julia you are so dang cute!!

I really am so glad I have the chance to be around London's friends so often. She couldn't be more spoiled with such darling, funny, nice and fun little friends.