Saturday, April 12, 2008

I know, I know, we haven't updated or commented forever. It is with good reason however, our computer crashed!...yes all my baby Jonah pics on it. Yes...most of 2007 and 2008 pics on it. And, no I had not finished putting them all on disk. Devastating. So if I'm slow checking your cute blogs it's because I'm using the in-laws or Starbucks computer cafe (I wish I was that hip) So, we'll still be checking in on all you all's... just a little slower. Otherwise Mayletts doing well.

Cute Carson story: Soccer practice...he scores...faces the parents and sings "uh-hunh, oh yeah, I'm big time..I win, I win" It was so out of character and freakin cute of him! I love that kid.

Cute London story: FHE she chose the song "Tell me the stories of Jesus" She gets to the part that says 'down by the wayside' and belts out "Down by the website" that says a lot about the times we livin' in...right? We laughed. Pretty cute.

Cute Jonah story: He's just always cute. and fat. I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes to eat in this family. He works on his abs a lot though by doing sit ups. He does about 10 in a row 3 or 4 times a day. Grunting and all. He is so frappin' cute.

That is our update. Good day.


TheHottonSix said...

How devastating. I was wondering why we weren't seeing cute pictures of your family. =)

Jane said...

I wondered where you have been. Sorry about your pictures, that happened to me a couple of years ago. It makes you sick. I wish I was there to see Carson do his victory dance.

Heather said...

Oh man sorry about the pictures. That is awful. That's the only thing about digital pictures that isn't quite right.

Great stories about your kids. They have the cutest personalities!

The Rudy Family said...

So sorry about that. Our computer just died and we had to get a new one. May I recommend a MAC they are the best!!!!

joey said...

The victory dance was awesome, loved it! Love all your cute kids, they make me smile.

TKA said...

You are so funny! I am so sorry to hear that your computer crashed all "bye-bye" went all your pictures... :( Thanks for the update on your kids. I love your kids.

blaxman blog said...

oh dear! Candace. You're still hilarious.
Looks like you've been busy making several mini-maylett people. They are all adorable!

Brooke said...

Oh no!! We have also lost a bunch of Kimball is so devestating!

Anonymous said...

hey mayletts sorry we stole your daughter this week.