Friday, March 14, 2008

What should we see?

I now have great reluctance to ever choose the flick when seeing a movie with friends. How do you cope with the trauma and embarrassment of choosing a horrible one? I mean, if you pick a blah one or one with a dumb ending...not a big deal. I'm talking about picking one that is so bad that it makes your friends physically sick!

We were so excited to get out with some good friends. Popcorn, soda everything good and healthy. Movie starts. 20 minutes in; I'm thinking...What is this? I'm hoping I just hate it and can suffer through it quietly. As movie continues, anxiety sets in like a thick cloud hovering over our big, comfy, movie seats that have rocking capabilities. 30 minutes in; people are leaving the theatre nauseated.

Are you serious? Who makes money off this kind of movie? Confusion as we leave the theatre. Applebees desert helps displace the awkwardness of the moment. But, it's too late. The wound runs deep and resurfaces it's ugly head when a girls night out brings us another similar misfortune.

FIGHTING BACK: We now have a code word "Hobby Lobby" If the movie sucks, we will attempt to get our money back and spend it at Hobby Lobby or another place that never seems to fail us.We will take action against these rediculous plots.
We will sit still in our comfy theatre chairs no longer. We will refuse this embarrassment. We will refuse giving our good money to crap.


Anonymous said...

You must tell us which movie it is that made you sick so we don't have to suffer. I too, also, as well, refuse to pay for crap any longer.

Was it one of these or something else all together?

"The Untold Story: Human Meat Roast Pork Buns", "Dead Meat", "Big Meat Eater", "Real Men Eat Meat", "They're Made Out of Meat", "Dead Meat", "The Heart Is a Piece of Meat", "Broken Meat", "Meat Loaf: To Hell and Back", "Meat Is Meat", "Auntie Lee's Meat Pies", "Meat Weed Madness", "The Midnight Meat Train", or "Uncle Meat"?

Brooke said...

I once chose a book for the book club (based on a recommendation of a friend). It was NOT GOOD. I will never live it down. Such pressure!!!!

TKA said...

wow, that movie must have been really bad. That is the worst. Good thing Applebees helped out :)

Jane said...

AMEN!!! One more of those nights will end our friendship. Forever. Hobby Lobby girls, Hobby Lobby.

Jane said...

You know, just being able to hang out with you, Diet Coke and movie popcorn would make anyone happy, despite some untalented people making money from us =

wendy said...

Made it to your blog, finally. Very cute, fun and Mayletty. We've seen lots of embarassing flicks with ya, but we're family, so I guess it's not as bad. Remember when we saw Highlander 2? Holy crap that was bad.

onceapickle said...

Hello, hello! Good to hear from you on my blog.

I can totally relate to the torment of giving a reccomendation...such pressure! Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby and good dessert.

Your family is so cute! I love seeing pictures of everyone's kids.

I too love your blog design by the way. Truthfully I covet it and want to swipe it and make it my own! =)

joey said...

It's a good thing we always force you guys to eat out...maybe it has saved our friendship! =)

Brooke said...

Hi Maylett Fam!

We have moved our blog to private..would you mind e-mailing me your e-mail address so I can add you to our invite list? Thanks!

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