Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Living Solo

While Candace and the Maylett crew are in St. George all week I'm all alone at the West Jordan compound. That makes it my responsibility to keep up everything (yeah right) including the blog. It's a little odd without all of the noises and things at home at night. I've actually kind of used it as an opportunity to catch up on the list of things that I have needed to do at work. That has made the week go by faster. It's still a little sad not being with the people that you love.

The fam will be coming back on Friday, so that means on Thursday I will need to pick up the fortress of Coke cans, two liter bottles, Slurpee cups, plates, pots/pans ('cause I ran out of plates), blankets and 7-11 nacho trays that have built up around the living room couch. I should also probably shave my Tom Hanks-Castaway beard (I might keep a lip-brow for a couple of days, just for Candace) and comb out the matted parts of my hair.

Can you believe the Jazz? Wow!


TheHottonSix said...

You are hilarious. If I would have known you were all by yourself I would have made you come over to have some good 'ol home cookin'. You really are still welcome.

No kidding about the JAZZ. We are so Pumped!!!

Jane said...

Brett, I think you need help. I am glad Candace will be back soon. Do you need us to drop off a well balanced meal? Or should I send a maid service over?

joey said...

I am glad you both survived!! I love any excuse to eat every meal out. =) Go JAZZ!!!!

Dale said...

Brett, I think you need to talk with your neighbor about drinking duff beer!

Jodie F. said...

Yes..the Fishers are alive. Looks like the Mayletts are too! We miss you! Your kids are freaking cute! Bryton still talks about Carson all the time and his Star Wars guys. I hope the fam had fun on vacation and that the house is decontaminated when they arrive home :)

The Taggarts said...

It's fun to see what you guys are up to. I'm not sure if you knew we have a blog. It's We're still fairly new at it, so it's nothing fancy, but a good way to keep in touch.