Friday, May 1, 2009

London wanted a picture of her new Jeep up. There are a couple of funny stories about the jeep:

1. The day after her birthday Brett asked me "So, then what did we get for London?" I told him the Jeep. He said "oh, London told me that Allie gave her that" I said oh no she's being silly. So I asked London, "who gave you that cute jeep?" She answered "Allie" Awesome!!
Allie is such a generous friend!!

2. We hid this jeep behind The Basinger's fence as a big surprise for the end of her party. Julia saw it and when Jane said "that's a surprise for London..." Julia said "but mom, I thought we were giving London Snow White and those dorks" I love this quote for so many reasons. Julia you are so dang cute!!

I really am so glad I have the chance to be around London's friends so often. She couldn't be more spoiled with such darling, funny, nice and fun little friends.


Jane said...

Thanks for making me laugh. We sure do love our London!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to you, Candace! And of course, belated to you too, London.

Joni said...

Cute stories, London is lucky there are soooooo many girls her age in the neighborhood. Can you imagine if you all stay here when they are teenagers?

Krista said...

What does Joni mean by, "Can you imagine if "YOU All" stay here when they are teenagers."?!? I love cute London. Looks like a smashing party.