Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The End Is Near

Summer is so fun!
is one of Carson's most redundant quotes. I agree! Summer has been full of friends, movies, splashparks, lunch groups, campouts, grandma and grandpa's house, barbeques, getaways-the list could go on and on. We had such a fun Summer.

Jane, Amber, and Krista throw a decent party givingthe kids some great Summer memories.

Here are some pics:

Featuring a handful of Bengtzens, a couple of Doutts, a few Mildenhalls, a group of Atkinsons, a plethora of Hottons, a pinch of Rudys, a magnitude of Basingers, a good amount of Scholes, a chunk of Maylett, and a Baird.

(if I forgot someone it was probably on purpose and means I don't really like you)

Love you all!

"Summer is so fun"


KRISTA said...

I know you are still working on it, but HOW CUTE! Oh, to be five or six again.

TheHottonSix said...

Yipee! An update. Very cute.

Jane said...

So much fun and who took all those FABULOUS photographs?

Andrea said...

Love your playlist. Cute pictures (esp the last one of the little girl wearing a winter hat in the middle of August - but at least it has a "flower by Jane" on it.)

Amber said...

So cute!! I love seeing all our little friends together. I just makes summer that much more special!