Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Marriage...Perfected in Tivo

I thought that Candace and I had a strong marriage. Then we got Tivo. Our love has increased by about 11 percent in less than a year. We don't miss anything anymore. One thing that we like to do is record Jazz games, then watch them about 45 minutes late. We fast forward through timeouts, commercials and half-time. It rules. The only problem is that Candace's Mom and Dad tend to call before we've finished the fourth quarterand give the end away. We love them anyway. Speaking of the Jazz... Wow! They are on a roll! And on a side note... Has anyone noticed Larry H. Miller's creepy elbows? What could cause an elbow to do that? If Matt Harpring had elbows like that he could deliver a lethal blow.


joey said...

Can we get together for a tivo jazz game? I love I can tell Richard we need tivo because our marriage will improve by 11%!!

Jane said...

Those are some serious elbows! We too are better off with our DVR and two tv's. We measured more of a 13% improvement though, maybe we weren't as happy to start as you two. Or maybe we just have a lot more kids and action at our house and we don't have to rush to get them to bed before the shows start anymore. Isn't it nice!

TKA said...

I will have to talk to Tyler about DVR...I am up for anything that's going to improve our marriage! I didn't know that you two were Jazz fans, Tyler is a big fan and I am coming around. I never noticed those