Monday, July 2, 2007

Welcome to the Maylett Family Blurb 'n Blog

Blurb. Blog. These are two of the greatest words in the English vocabulary. The prospect of using the two words together in one phrase just flat-out tickles me all over. Why then, would I not put these two forces together to create the Maylett Family Blurb 'n Blog?

So the Idea, for the moment anyway, is to update this blog every week. Hopefully this can give our friends an insight to our family and our activities and also provide a family journal.

The Mayletts are:

Brett - Dad
Candace - Mom
Carson- Five year-old boy
London- Three year-old girl
Leonard- Uterus Warrior

Our home is in West Jordan, Utah, which sits on the West bench of the Salt Lake Valley. It's a great place to live. We have been there for about two years. Cedar City and West Valley are also places that we have called home during the past eight years of our married lives.

I work as a Marketing Representative for Kern River Gas Transmission. I have been there since last December. Candace is now a full-time Mom. She just finished her last year as a teacher at Union Middle School in Sandy, Utah.

Dangit! I like the Mayletts.